Extratropical planetary-wave/mean-flows: observations, interference

effects, and the role of standing waves

Materials that go along with Paul Kushner's presentation:

1. Ted Shepherd's classical paper on how stability and conservation law constraints interfere with ergodicity is here.

2. Nili Harnik, Judith Perlwitz and Tiffany Shaw have written several papers on how linear theoretic ideas can apply to understand wave propagation and wave reflection. Paul suggests looking at Nili's website for the original paper with Lindzen in 2001, and the many papers that follow, including: Shaw, T. A., J. Perlwitz and N. Harnik, 2010: Downward wave coupling between the statosphere and troposphere: The importance of meridional wave guiding and comparison with zonal-mean coupling. J. Climate, 23, 6365-6381.

3. Paul has a review article discussing basic dynamical ideas on wave mean flow interactions and the annular modes.

Wave turbulence in the Charney-Hasegawa-Mima Model

During the program, Colm Connaughton has been working on a review of wave turbulence in the
CHM model with Sergey Nazarenko and Brenda Quinn. A copy of the first draft is below. If anyone
has any comments or suggestions (or suspects any egregious mis-representations of their work!)
please let Colm know. This has not been submitted yet so please treat it as a work in progress.

Charney-Drazin for Gyrokinetics

Darmet et al. (2007 on simplified GK equation
Diamond et al. (2008) on extension of C-D for plasmas (Hasegawa-Mima, Hasegawa-Wakatani)
Kosuga & Diamond (2011) on extension to kinetic plasmas (simplified GK equation)

Langmuir Turbulence

A review of collapse dynamics: Robinson (2006)
A set of notes on Langmuir turbulence (which later became a book chapter), by Pat Diamond:
Disparate Scale Interactions
Pat Diamond's tutorial notes (May 1, 2014):

Rudakov (1965): Problems in the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations of an Inhomogeneous Plasma
Zakharov (1972): Collapse of Langmuir Waves

Wave Turbulence and Zonal Flows in Fluids and Plasmas

A review of zonal flow dynamics: Diamond et al: Zonal flows in plasma—a review
Pat Diamond's Blackboard Lunch talk notes (April 28, 2014):


Seminal article
Canonical review (modern formulation, intro is very useful)
More accessible review (based on the previous one, only the relevant equations)
See Talks & Discussions (April 24) for more references

Transformed Eulerian Mean (TEM)

See comments on Talks & Discussions (April 22) for references

Hasegawa-Mima & Hasegawa-Wakatani

Horton & Hasegawa (1994)

Lagrangian Turbulence

Canonical review on the subject
Useful article (data)
Useful article (theory)

Staircase Formation

How to bake a scientifically accurate Jupiter cake

Phillips (1972): Turbulence in a strongly stratified fluid—is it unstable?

The cited references for double diffusion in oceans and lakes
  1. Overview and big-picture phenomenon
  2. High Prandtl Number (wave-like) staircases
    • Carpenter, J.R., T. Sommer & A. Wuest (2012): Simulations of a double-diffusive interface in the diffusive convection regime. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 711, 411-436, doi: 10.1017/jfm.2012.399.